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FY15 Section Strategic Goals

Los Angeles Section Strategic Goals for FY15

The Los Angeles Section goals and strategic objectives mirror the SWE Society Goals and Strategic Objectives.  Our goals are revisited annually at the July Strategic Planning Meeting.  This year, because the SWE Society Conference (WE14) is being held locally at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the Executive Council decided to add goals related to the event.

Advocacy: SWE will develop women engineers at all stages of their personal and professional lives.

  • Reach at least 250 girls K-12 in FY15
  • Hold a collegiate scholarship program for Los Angeles area SWE collegiate sections
  • Hold a joint networking event with a collegiate section
  • Promote WE14 with at least two community colleges

Professional Excellence: SWE will be recognized as a global, inclusive organization, promoting diversity and inclusion and serving women engineers wherever they are.

  • Nominate at least one member for a SWE Award
  • Hold a professional development conference
  • Provide value to SWE membership by hosting at least one technical tours, two general professional development topics, and two networking events.
  • Utilize WE14 to develop contacts with local representatives from at least 10 new companies in the LA area

Globalization: SWE will advocate for the inclusion and success of women, present and prospective, in engineering and technology.

  • Hold at least one SWE-LA event in each of the general areas of Los Angeles (South Bay, West LA, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, and Downtown)
  • Utilize WE14 to reach at least 50 local area members and non-members; increase active section participation by 5 members
  • Target two new LA areas for "SWE Community" efforts (the Westside and Central LA); continue to hold events in FY14 SWE Community areas (San Fernando Valley and the Verdugos)
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